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  • Quebec Bar (2023)
  • LL.L., Ottawa University (2022)


Rami Halawi has a deep-rooted passion for corporate law. Familiar with the inner workings of the business world, he approaches every challenge with enthusiasm. Rami demonstrates an unwavering commitment to self-improvement. He is eager to learn new things and immerses himself fully in the cases he is entrusted with.


Rami stands out for his innovative spirit, which drives him to constantly seek out new ideas. Because of his desire to improve processes and come up with unique solutions, he brings a fresh, creative perspective to his work.

Sense of initiative

Rami has a remarkable sense of initiative. He successfully created and chaired the University of Ottawa Technology Law Association, proving his commitment and leadership. Through this association, he has been able to share his passion for technology and its application in the legal field.

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