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News October 16, 2023 WE ARE AVENS GLOBAL ALLIANCE Avens Paris and Avens Montreal are delighted to introduce a global alliance of law firms. Read more
Articles July 6, 2023 Beware of incomplete or ineffective transactions Executing a corporate transaction or restructuring covers a wide range of corporate operations. The preliminary question, which may seem trivial, is first to determine whether the transaction itself has actually taken place as a matter of law. Read more
Articles June 8, 2023 Has the seller of your property affected by latent defects declared bankruptcy? Here’s how to proceed The buyer who discovers a latent defect following the purchase of a property must opt for one of two legal theories to compensate for his or her losses. Read more
News June 1, 2023 The AVENS team is growing AVENS AVOCATS S.A. Montréal is very pleased to announce that Mtre Lyne Guilbault and her team composed of Mtres Mihaela Roussimova and Alexandra Sorrentino have joined the litigation team to work in the field of bankruptcy and insolvency law and commercial litigation. Read more
Articles May 2, 2023 VALIDITY CHECK: Are the non-compete and non-solicitation clauses in the employment agreements used at your company still valid? The departure of a key employee often creates great concerns for his or her employer, particularly when said employee holds confidential information on the employers’ business. Read more
Articles April 12, 2023 How to safely land an aircraft transaction There are particularities that need to be taken into consideration when dealing with an aircraft, as it is an asset constantly travelling between different jurisdictions. Read more
Articles March 1, 2023 Selling your products abroad Nowadays, global business opportunities enable companies of all sizes, to seek new markets, to bid on national and international opportunities. Read more
Articles November 4, 2021 Forum selection clause and designation of a foreign law: poor contractual drafting can cost you. Read more
Articles June 16, 2021 Franchisor-franchisee relationships: a review of franchisor’s obligations during a health crisis Faced with increased financial pressure, the franchisor's support for its network and its proactivity are essential. Today, AVENS offers a brief analysis of the application of the main obligations of a franchisor amid the current pandemic. Read more
Articles May 6, 2021 INTERNATIONAL TRANSACTIONS : MITIGATING RISKS This article briefly describes two fundamental tools applicable to international commercial transactions, namely the International Commercial Terms (“Incoterms”) as per the International Chamber of Commerce, as well as the principle of payment against documents. Read more

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