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AVENS Montreal is a passion project founded by four attorneys, driven by a shared desire to take the practice of law to a new level, through business-embedded client support.

The root of the partnership began in 1999 when Catherine Cloutier and Martin Cabanes were articling in a Montreal based law firm and went on to gain valuable experience in major law firms, which led to the creation of their own in 2007. Together, they built a strong multidisciplinary team.

In 2011, just a few streets away, in the offices of Roussin Lessard, Golmehr Attaran began her career alongside Daniel Roussin, who generously shared his experience. Their strong professional affinity imminently became obvious, and they used that strength to build deep, strong and unique relationships with their clients. They, too, were growing quickly and dreaming of expansion…

It was in July 2018 that the future partners met through an unexpected but happy coincidence. Upon realizing their shared values, they quickly came to the same conclusion: Partners they would be!

Soon after, they went to a fateful meeting in Paris, France, that would leave a lasting mark on the careers of the new partners. After meeting with AVENS Lehman & Associés — a Parisian law firm founded in 1991 with whom Daniel Roussin had developed a business relationship for the past decade—the partners decided the firm would become AVENS Montreal, the North American presence of AVENS. AVENS Montreal operations officially launched in May 2019.

This new alliance provides AVENS Paris and AVENS Montreal with their first steps toward international expansion, and the two offices conveniently correspond to the locations of several clients.



AVENS Montreal’s mission is to become a strategic partner, guiding businesses toward success.

Founded by business lawyers who understand your reality, AVENS Montreal provides comprehensive business law services under one roof so they can help with any situation.



At AVENS Montreal, we take a unique approach to the law: we are focused on results and on the ability to face any challenge with ease by using our greatest strength: thinking differently.

We share in your courage, your fighting spirit and your creative energy by being where you are—in your offices, plants, and real estate and construction sites—helping your company become all you’ve imagined it could be.


International network

Let us help you grow your international business.

Over the years, we have developed privileged relationships with law firms abroad and together we have created a network that corresponds to our mission “Concerto”.

Find out the law firm members of Concerto.

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