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Articling program

Completing an Articling Program at AVENS Montreal is



Be ready to jump into action immediately.



Venture outside of your comfort zone. Make the impossible possible.



Master the rules. Achieve high standards.



At AVENS, we trust you.



Specify your interests in a rotating internship.



Work closely with our professionals.


Take your first steps toward a successful career by working closely with our department heads and becoming an integral part of our team from Day 1.

Develop your versatility through our rotating internship program, which will allow you to discover commercial litigation and corporate law. Take the opportunity to participate in weekly departmental meetings and receive ongoing feedback. Evolve quickly by handling your own files and having direct contact with clients.

At AVENS, we are looking for interns who are not afraid to go for it (or who hide it well)!


Although we are not a signatory to the Recruitment Agreement for the Course aux stages, we comply with its timetable for the submission of applications and interviews.

Are you interested in this challenge? We invite you to submit your application by sending us your cover letter, resume and transcripts through the viRecruit portal.

Dates à retenir

Submission of applications
Between February 2, 2024 (9am) and February 5, 2024 (5pm)

March 11, 2024 to March 14, 2023

Second interviews
March 15, 2023

Internship offers
To be confirmed


We will be present at the Interfaculty Career Day to discuss with you! 


Rayhane Jelti

Attorney, Barreau du Québec (2019)

Intern in 2019


My internship at AVENS was a very rewarding and enriching learning experience for me. The possibility of doing a rotating internship in both the corporate and litigation departments allowed me to receive a complete training that proved to be a golden opportunity to discover myself and to map out my career path. I had the opportunity to work on mandates that were as diversified as they were interesting, and I was able to plead alone in court as early as my second week of internship.

I was quickly seduced by the human and warm culture of the firm. The trust, the respect, the availability and the team spirit at AVENS confirmed my chance to join this great family!


Clodie Corriveau-Granger

Attorney, Barreau du Québec (2020)

Intern in 2020


Doing an internship at AVENS means jumping into the challenges and joining a close-knit and dynamic team. From my first days as an intern, I was given diverse and formative mandates. I had the feeling of being really involved in the files, having quickly been led to have important responsibilities. I learned exponentially!

I particularly appreciated the corporate culture at AVENS, where the human dimension and team spirit are just as important as rigor and surpassing oneself. As a young professional, I greatly value the relationships I was able to develop with experienced mentors. I couldn’t have hoped for a better environment to lay the foundation for my career in law.


Ariane Rondeau

Attorney, Barreau du Québec (2021)

Intern in 2021


I started my internship during the COVID-19 pandemic, requiring me to do a significant portion of it remotely. Despite these special circumstances, I was warmly welcomed and quickly felt part of the team. As soon as I arrived, I was involved in several stimulating and diverse projects. I was called upon to make numerous representations before the courts, to draft procedures, to conduct legal research, to communicate with clients and to manage my own files. At AVENS, articling students are given a great deal of trust and independence.

Being part of such a team is an incredible privilege. The partners, lawyers and support staff are all exceptionally warm, competent, dedicated, and passionate individuals. The work environment and the team are truly inspiring and motivating.


Rami Halawi

Attorney, Barreau du Québec (2023)

Intern in 2023


From the very first days, I was directly involved in communicating with clients and managing my own files. I took part in major acquisition projects, where I have been involved in all the corporate stages, from drafting the letter of intent to participating in the final closing of the transaction. As an articling student, it’s a rare experience, and there is no doubt that the trust placed in the next generation at AVENS is exceptional!

The firm’s human dynamic, characterized by a constant support and openness to learning, has enabled me to develop both professionally and personally. The kindness of the team has encouraged me to take on challenges and broaden my horizons. It’s a unique learning opportunity that I would recommend to anyone who is looking for passion and is not afraid to take the plunge!


Frequently Asked Questions

What is the recruitment process?

The process consists of two meetings with our Recruitment Committee. Students who are selected will first be invited to an initial 45-minute interview, during which they will be encouraged to discuss not only their interests and background, but especially their passions and hobbies. Following the first interviews, the selected candidates will be invited to participate in a group case study activity, followed by a cocktail with our professionals.

How is the articling program structured?

Articling is the perfect opportunity to explore different fields of expertise: its allows students to understand the reality of different practices and discover their areas of interest. In this sense, AVENS offers a six-month rotation program. Our lawyers directly grant mandates to the articling students, who are then free to manage their workload.

What types of assignments does an articling student get?

At AVENS, articling students are quickly thrown into the thick of things and given important responsibilities. The nature of their mandates is varied: research and analysis, drafting of procedures, participation in negotiation sessions, due diligence, preparation for the conduct and closing of commercial transactions, representation before the courts, preparation for and participation in examinations, participation in meetings with clients, etc. Upon arrival, our articling students are expected to work closely with our professionals and to play a proactive role in the files.

What kind of mentoring do you offer?

Each articling student is paired with one of our associates, who acts as a mentor. Our goal is to provide our students with the guidance and opportunities they need to grow, both professionally and personally. Feedback is an important part of our philosophy, and our "open door" policy allows our students to benefit from considerable support from the professionals with whom they will be working.

Does our organization offer summer jobs?

Yes, summer positions are generally available for our future articling students. This is an excellent way for them to integrate and become familiar with the firm's culture.

Do articling students receive a job at the end of their program?

At AVENS, we strongly believe that our interns are our future. Therefore, we recruit more than just interns: we are looking for partners and colleagues. The transfer of know-how is therefore a priority for our team, and we are proud to have an excellent retention rate after the articling program.

If you need more information about applying to AVENS, contact: ccstages@avenslegal.ca